Tips For Hiring Swingtime

Hiring a full dance orchestra like Swingtime is guaranteed to make your event a memorable experience for all your guests. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • What music does the band play? What do you sound like?

    Browse through our playlist to see the different types of music we play. Some of the tunes have demos. We would also be happy to send you a demo CD of our music. Don’t forget to look through our schedule for public events you could attend in the near future. Check us out in person!

  • How much space does the band need?

    The full band includes about 16 musicians and will need space for our music, instruments, and sound system. A rough estimate of our space needs is 500 square feet. Ideally, we like a space 20×24 square feet to set up in. We can also set up in longer narrower spaces, corner spaces. Don’t forget to have room left for your dancers. If you have limited space, inquire about our smaller combos.

  • What needs to be ready for the band at my event?

    The band brings all its own equipment including sound system. You only need to provide armless chairs and power that we can plug into.

  • What does the band look like?

    The band members dress uniformly. For more formal occasions we can wear tuxedos. For other events we wear black tops and bottoms, sometimes with suspenders. We also have fun events with hats or Hawaiian shirts.

  • Will the band play music I request?

    If you have special music requests, please let us know. We have a large music library, and if we don’t have what you request we can either find it or can arrange it ourselves.

Swingtime has been playing at special events for over a decade. We are willing to work with you to provide exactly what you want!